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Camp Villere Hosts National Guard Fitness Camp for Kids June 9, 2011

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By: Kristen Swiger


Living a healthy lifestyle is important for young children and plays a bigger part in their lives as time goes on.

Unfortunately, nutrition is far from a child’s mind at such a young age, and that is why Camp Villere does their part to teach kids the importance of staying healthy and fit.

Camp Villere in Slidell, Louisiana, is a five-day camp that hosts 80 kids ranging from seven to ten-years old. The kids leard a different health subject every day, and classes range anywhere from fitness stations and jazzercise to learning how to read nutrition labels.

Volunteers from the National Guard, Slidell Police Department and other organizations also put on demonstrations to teach the kids what they can do to fight childhood obesity.

Camp Villere Director Taffy Morrison said that the campers look up to these role models. “When a state trooper, someone you look up to, tells you that you can do this, it motivates them and we want them to be able to set up for their future,” she said.

It might sound tough, but these kids don’t seem at all worried.

“When I exersise, I feel like I’m making a better me,” said 11-year old, Madeline.

The campers also learn the importance of self-esteem and collaboration in addition to healthy eating habits, something that can’t be learned in a regular classroom.


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