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Saints Finish First Full Week of Training Camp August 8, 2011

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By: Kristen Swiger

It’s the week that Saints fans have been anticipating ever since the news of the NFL lockout threatened the future of football.

The first full week of Saints training camp offered proof that this season is in full swing, and players are back to the drawing board. Veteran player Lance Moore coulnd’t be happier about his new long-term contract and finally being able to work up a sweat.

“It feels great, just to have to sit for six or seven days and just watch, being so anxious to want to get out there, to finally get out there felt great and it’s great to be back with the guys,” he said.

Quarterback Drew Brees said that every practice focuses on how to pick up on the little things that the other side of the ball is doing, a concept that will be crucial for a victory.

“You play the game to compete. This is our outlet,you know, and you come on the field, and you’re able to compete and obviously we’re working toward a common goal,” he said.

For some new faces, like Running Back Darren Sproles, the season gives an opportunity for them to break out of their shells and make their own name in Saints football. Head Coach Sean Payton, however, made it clear that every position on his team will be earned.

“I think that process has to happen on merit to have that credibility in the locker room, and that’s something we value a lot and we pay attention to,” he said.

That shouldn’t be a problem for this team, with both rookies and veterans anxious to get the ball rolling.

Brees said, “We’ve got some exciting players, and I’ve got the best seat in the house.”


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