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Three Young Children and Mother Found Dead in Kenner Home July 26, 2011

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By: Kristen Swiger


Family, friends and neighbors comforted one another as they watched Kenner police investigate one of the most tragic cases the city has seen in a long time.

Ronald Peters came home from work yesterday evening to find his three young children dead, laying side by side in an upstairs bedroom, and all suffering from gunshot wounds. Their mother, 29-year old Nadia Braxton, was laying across them.

The three little girls ranged from 12-years to six-months old. For some, the news of the tragedy made them reflect on their own families. “My wife and I have a seven-month old, and we heard about the news yesterday. We live not too far from here, and it really hit close to home,” said Tomas Pazo.

Tomas Pazo and his son came to pay their respects to the children and added to the already growing monument that now sits outside the home.

“He felt strongly because he cares about his little brother so much that he just wanted to come over here and lay the teddy down for the kids,” he said.

Neighbors say that the family mostly kept to themselves and were not seen often. The case, however, still remains under investigation as to what happened in those early afternoon hours.

An autopsy is currently being done to determine if this case could be a possible murder-suicide, but Chief Carraway doesn’t want to rule anything out until he gets a chance to talk to friends and family members.


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