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Renovations to the Superdome Begin for Football Season July 8, 2011

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By: Kristen Swiger 

-New Orleans

The Superdome is one of New Orleans’s most iconic landmarks, home of the Saints and a savior to many victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Now, it’s getting a much deserved facelift, and Superdome General Manager Alan Freeman oversees all of it. “We’ve got a lot more room for people to move around, we’ve added additional restrooms, additional concession stands, just much more customer friendly than it used to be,” he said.

Last weekend, the Superdome got ready to host the Essence Festival, but that didnt slow down the progress to renovate the Dome in order to get ready for football season. The walkways are bigger annd roomier for fans to get through, bathrooms are doubled in size and seats have been upgraded to a classic black and gold upholstery.

“We certainly hope the fans are going to appreciate what has been done, we’re sure they will, and we’re excited to hear their feedback,” said Freeman.

A special addition has also been unveiled for those lucky enough to score VIP passes into the Saints clubhouse. Complete with white leather furniture, stainless steel tables and plasma screen tv’s, the clubhouse can easily be considered one of the Superdome’s more elegant features.

Overall, the project cost about $320 million dollars to upgrade and renovate the building.


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