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Two Abused and Starved Horses Finally Get Rescued June 30, 2011

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By: Kristen Swiger

-Cutoff, Louisiana

Two horses have free reign in a fenced-in pasture, clean water to drink and plenty of food to eat. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case just a couple of weeks ago.

The stallion and mare were rescued from an old junkyard, tied to a post with only 20 feet of rope to walk around and were starving. 47-year old Oris Lee, Sr. was charged with three counts of animal cruelty.

Allegedly, Lee was in jail on his third domestic-abuse charge within a week of neighbors complaining about the horses, and when the police told him to do something about them, he refused and action was taken.

Pamela George, a part-time boat captain, takes it upon herself to rescue animals in need in her spare time. When she got the call to come look at the horses, she was shocked to see the protruding ribs and missing front teeth.

“They were so emaciated and so depleted, that I said we have to get these horses out of here, or they’re going to die,” she said.

The Lafouche Parish sheriff’s office and humane society helped Pamela get the horses under her care. While she says that she’s not rich by any means, she does have the resources to help.

“If I dont’t get the donations, then I just do it by myself,” she said.

Once the horses are nursed back to health, the search will be on for an adopting family.


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