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Residents in New Orleans East Get City to Take Down Blighted House June 27, 2011

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By: Kristen Swiger

-New Orleans East

Neighbors in New Orleans East said they can finally rest easy now that a potential danger has been removed.

An old, blighted house used to sit across the street from a park where kids were frequent visitors, and as the months passed, the house became less visible behind overgrown grass, trees and vines. Today, the scene looks a little different thanks to a good deal of persistance.

Residents of the neighborhood were worried that the house had the perfect potential to hide pedophiles and kidnappers, making it unsafe for children to walk on nearby sidewalks or even wait for the school bus.

“Now I can sleep peacefully at night to see that they have taken and demolished this house, and I won’t be worried about children gonig to the park, and maybe somebody will take them and bring them into that house,” said a neighborhood resident.

Neighbors say that have been complaining since January, but they’re determination finally paid off. It took just about two hours for the house to come down, and they couldn’t be happier.

Another resident said, “Baseball season is very active. They have games every other night, and now the kids don’t have the problem of avoiding that trash that was up there, and I’m very thankful.”

The house has been abandoned since before Hurricane Katrina, but neighbors hope that the mayor’s office plans to continue to bring down more blighted houses in the area.


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