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University Libraries Use Technology and Social Media to Attract Students April 12, 2011

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By: Kristen Swiger

-Baton Rouge

With the use of technology growing on campus, it can sometimes be difficult for different people to reach out to students.  Middleton is currently working to make the transfer in order to attract more attention.

Middleton library has integrated the use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to make it easier for students to utilize library resources.  Jenna Ryan, assistant reference librarian, said that this change was necessary in order to keep up with tech-savvy student campus.

“If they’re not coming into the building, we have to have ways to communicate with them to let them know what is available if they’re not aware of it.  The idea is to be where the students are,” said Ryan.

Even though Middleton provides both students and faculty with a way to look up journals and databases through their website, they also installed a new feature called “text-a-librarian” that allows students to texts questions any time of the day.  Some students are slower than others to accept these technology advancements concerning libraries.

“I feel like it actually has a very negative effect on the social atmosphere, especially on campuses.  At the same time, it adds a certain plus to be able to organize,” said Ryant Anderson, finance junior.

However you feel about it, it looks like advanced technology is here to stay as far as books are concerned.  To follow Middleton on Twitter for updates, use the hash tag, “#lsulibraries.”


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