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UNPLUG Program Aims to Increase Energy Conservation March 24, 2011

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By: Kristen Swiger

-Baton Rouge

Residential Life recently kicked off a competition between residence halls that aims to teach students the importance of energy conservation.

The program will last until the end of March and encourages students to find that one thing that is easy for them to remember and incorporate it into their daily lives. This main slogan is called “finding your dot” and can be anything from unplugging cell phone chargers to taking shorter showers.

Catherine David, Reslife Communications Coordinator, said that the competition can benefit students financially in the long run. “It does have direct impact in keeping our rent rates low for students and also any money that we have in our budget goes back to our buildings and is reinvested in our students,” she said.

LSU’s wallet also benefits from the UNPLUG campaign program.  Last year, the university saved a little more than $10,000, while $13,000 was saved the previous year.  “I think people want a cleaner environment, they want to use less energy, and they want to certainly in times like this save LSU a little money,” said Allan Pulsipher, Executive Director for the Center of Energy Studies.

In the past, UNPLUG won an Environmental Leadership Program award in pollution and prevention from the Louisiana State Department of Environmental Quality , as well as a Lantern award from the Southern Public Relations Federation.

Currently, the Business and Engineering Hall is in first place with 13 percent reduction in energy consumption with Herget Hall following closely behind with 12 percent reduction.






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