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On-Campus Housing Almost Full for Fall Semester March 1, 2011

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By: Kristen Swiger

-Baton Rouge

LSU’s increased student population is causing on-campus housing to fill up quickly for the fall semester.

Those students who are not able to get into the residence hall of their choice are put on a standby list to await any cancellations or openings that may occur.  Unfortunately, some students are forced to search for off-campus housing if dorm rooms don’t become available in time.

Taylor Darrow, a freshman who had to find an apartment off-campus after being put on a standby list, said that she realizes the many advantages that dorms have to offer.  “You’re close to campus so you can just wake up and walk to class, whereas I have to take the bus, and sometimes they can be late or get stuck in traffic…plus it’s easier to make friends, because you’re all in the same boat,” said Darrow.

Jay High, communications manager for Residential Life, said that this is the third consecutive year they’ve had to resort to a standby list.  Kirby Smith will be open in the fall to house three-hundred fifty students.  “We are very excited about the increased enrollment, and we want to be able to provide housing to every student who wants it,” he said.

Even though Kirby Smith will soon be home to students, it will be converted to conference housing at the end of five years.

High also said that the money used for construction on the dorms is funded separate from the university so as not to interfere with budget cuts.


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