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Maintaining New Goals for the New Year February 3, 2011

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By: Kristen Swiger

-Baton Rouge

With the start of the New Year, many students are trying to get in shape.

Every spring semester following Christmas break, the LSU rec center is packed to the point where a quick workout is impossible.  However, the number soon drops as students give up on their fitness resolutions.

Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator Lacee Breeden said the beginning of the spring semester is when students have the most free time to exercise.  “Having small goals and taking small steps…is very important,” she said.

Dining halls, like The Five, have also recently added healthy menu choices for students who are looking to eat right.  “As we get near midterms, etc., students will eat more, because they’re a little more stressed,” said Director of Dining Services David Heidke.

It’s important for each student to find their own motivation in order to maintain their fitness goals.  Fitness classes, personal trainers and nutritionists are available at the rec to help students who want to lead healthier lifestyles.


One Response to “Maintaining New Goals for the New Year”

  1. clayton4 Says:

    very well put together and easy to follow. Bon travaille!

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